The Company

 NRG Advanced Power Solutions was established in 2009 in Nicosia. 

The company trades a  wide range of products in order to satisfy the need for power quality, autonomy and protection of even the most demanding applications.

NRG occupies administrative and technical personnel  to satisfy the requirements of the ongoing customer list and critical applications.


The range of power solutions include:

UPS, Batteries, Inverters, Rectifiers, Industrial systems and technical support services. 


UPS-RANGE-FOR-NRG-SITENRG APS offers a wide range of UPS systems from 600VA to 9,6MVA which provide state of art characteristics & excellent efficiency and TCO.

The solutions include Line Interactive and On Line STAND ALONE & MODULAR systems ideal for the protection of data centers and various other critical applications.




The portfolio includes the following series:

•VRLA. Sealed lead-acid batteries, in 2V, 6V 12V
• VRLA front terminal. For telecommunication applications
• GEL. 2V, 6V & 12V
• OPzV, OPzS. For photovoltaic applications
• NiCd. Solution for industrial applications


High quality solutions with great efficiency, designed to support telecommunication equipment.
DC systems are adapted to the following telecommunication applications: Optical Fiber Systems, Digital Microwave radio, Satellite earth stations, Mobile communications, Telecommunication Hubs, Base transceiver stations.  


Customized solutions to support crucial industrial applications and sectors where power quality and reliability of the support are extremely important. 
The solutions which are tailored to your needs include: 
Inverters 2,5-250KVA, rectifiers-chargers 400W-220KW as well as industrial UPS 2,5VA-120KVA.
They support the Production and power distribution, communication and telecommunication applications, chemical production plants, water plants.